Manny Jefferson, a Lagos based photographer, presents the inception of a photography project; SEE-RIES with a story titled: Brothers Of The Sky.
SEE-RIES: The project is one that showcases the society, black innovation and the power of the youth through the amalgamation of Photography, (noteworthy) Poetry and also Graphic editing.
A discussion that highlights the youth, their challenges and the society.

In the Brothers of The Sky, the torch is pointed at a spar between the society and the eccentric youth. Representing the upcoming wilful youth - how they use creativity to break loose from confinements to soar. It employs immaculate fashion style & elegant modelling to execute the stories. Featuring a fantastic poetic piece by Lanaire Aderemi, which complements the photography duly, this work of art is truly sublime.
Also, in conjunction with a classic touch of graphic designing, it takes a book form (digital book PDF file will be released soon).

POET : Lanaire Aderemi
MODELS : Nelson Egh, Kareem Baaqi
GRAPHIC EDITOR : Adepoju Emmanuel
EDITOR : Dolapo Agbakosi

BROTHERS OF THE SKY: Poem by Lanaire Aderemi

Blue as the sky, dark as the night,
Rare as the clouds in darkness and stars in light;
We felt as free as the fabrics made of cotton,
Sewn with golden threads that shone in two metallic buttons;

The sky was foreign to our eyes
Yet aware of our homeland’s bed of lies;
We met in debris, dirt and dust,
Costumed men - debonair - in front of cars soon to rust;

Saraswati would be proud for we shared concordant love
Of art and knowledge only obtainable above;
We sang harmonious tunes rewriting our history,
For one day the world will unravel the mystery of our authenticity;

We sat within and without talking about our dreams,
Then we shook hands in hope of us working as a team;
A promise to not lose our very souls to the earth,
So the sky sang a song for the brothers in the celebration of their new birth.